Facial Treatments


What is Dermaroller all about?

Documented from the times of ancient Egypt, mankind has continuaily searched for ways to improve the appearance of the skin. Signs of ageing due to excessive sun exposure, acne scars, surgical scars, pigmentation and wrinkles impact our appearance. As such we strive to find a more effective means to address this.

Current treatments (creams and facial treatments) offer poor penetration of ingredients into the skin and occasionally prolonged recovery time form more effective, yet aggressive treatments. A range of Dermaroller devices are available to address these challenges.

The Dermaroller devices are USA FDA CE approved and German patented devices whose efficacy have been proven by scientific studies at universities and medical schools worldwide.

The Dermaroller concept is based on two main functions:

  • Increased penetration of active substances into the skin (transdermal delivery)
  • Stimulation of the body's own production of collagen (Collagen induction therapy)

The Dermaroller is a highly efficiant device for transdermal delivery and skin rejuvenation with minimal side effects.

Dermaroller Facial Treatment

Transderm Treatment (Meso-therapy with no needles)

The Transderm Treatment will:

- Strengthen skin elasticity
- Increase collagen
- Enhance skin tone
- Hydrate dermal and epidermal layer
- Rejuvenate growth factor serums
- Reverse the signs of ageing

Mesotherapy Before and After

Botox and Fillers

Botox treatment is a simple, non-surgical procedure that smoothes the deep, persistent lines on the forehead & around the eyes. The 10 minute procedure, involving a few tiny pin-prick injections, relaxes the muscles that cause these lines to form. The results are visible within days and can last up to four Monthly and delay ageing of the skin

Botox Before and After

Hyperhidrosis is treatment for excessive perspiration under the arms or on hands etc.

Fuller Injection

Fillers are used to fill up the persistent expressional facial lines especially the cheek, nose, crow's feet and liplines.

Transdermal Therapy & Ultra Peel II treatments

Stimulates skin rejuvenation and collagen growth in the skin, and for the prevention of premature ageing.

- Microdermabrasion
- Growth Factor Serums
- Skin Brightening
- Collagen Stimulation
- Skin rejuvenation
- Acne Scar Treatment

Ultra Peel Before and After

Cosmecanique Lift 6 Treatment

A tri-dimensional stimulation of the facial surface for a natural lifting effect that diminishes & softens wrinkles to prevent ageing. The Cosmècanique Lift 6 stimulates the collagen and elastin in the skin. When applied to the skin, the patented LPG treatment produces a rhythmic, continuous mechanical micro-pulsation. Throughout the 30 minute treatment every inch of the skin receives direct tri-dimensional stimulation; around the eye and facial contours, the neckline and chest area.

The cosmecanique Lift 6 Treatment will:

- Firm the Skin
- Reinforce its natural support
- Diminish and soften wrinkles and lines
- Restore your skins smooth and radiant complexion

Cosmecanique Lift 6 Treatment